The country Ollo was founded in the 1100 by an alliance of Men, Elves, and Dwarves. It was ruled over by the great Fredryck Frostblade. He was Half-Elf and deemed the perfect ruler for the country. Its capital city is Vivefeld.

The Land of Man, Ollo, has had over 400 years of peace between the races on it, until the Duke of Vivifeld, Jaris Oldenhammer waged a speciest war on King Roht Nido. Jaris won and became the new king of Ollo.

Ollo’s first capital was Kenwald until King Jaris took over and changed it to his hometown of Vivifeld.

Ollo’s demographic: 85% Man, 5% Elf, 3% Dwarf, 1% Dragonborn, 1% Halfling, 5% Other mixed races.


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