King Roht

Past king of Ollo.


King Roht Nido was the 31st King of Ollo, preceded by King Hrudka Lo and succeeded by King Jaris Oldhammer. He was a fair king to all races and greatly loved for his unwavering faith in humanity. He ruled over Ollo in the capital city of Kenwald.

Around the year 1550, a Duke from Vivefeld, Jaris, began a war on King Roht, claiming he was against the race of man and that he favoured other races above them.

Jaris had brought forth an army before King Roht had a chance to gather his own allies. When at last Jaris stood at the gates of Kenwald, King Roht was challenged to a duel for the kingdom of Ollo, or surrender. Not one to give in, Roht accepted the challenge.

The battle of the two royals was fierce, with neither gaining the upper hand. King Roht’s strong strikes were easily parried by the strategic and agile Jaris Oldhammer. Jaris was unable to launch a counterstrike while Roht unleashed his all-out attack. It was when Roht’s exhaustion finally caught up with him and he collapsed. Jaris then slew him and gained the kingdom of Ollo.

King Roht

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