King Jaris


King Yaris Oldhammer is the King of Ollo and father of Prince Julius. He is a hardened warrior-king who believed the race of man was meant to rule over all other races. He was once the Duke of Vivefeld before usurping the throne from King Roht Nido.

Born into nobility and wealth, King Yaris used his social standing and strategic prowess to become Duke of Vivefeld. Once he had become the leader of Vivefeld, he immediately sought after extinguishing all races but man and those who were Feir blooded.

Yaris waged a speciest war on the now former King of Ollo. King Yaris’ vast army swarmed nearby settlements, towns, and cities, bringing more to join their cause. Spies were sent from the king to Kenwald to spread lies, deceit, and slander against King Roht.

During the war Yaris would commonly visit towns to draw people to his cause of an all-human country with the other races used as tools for man. Jaris was a charismatic character and easily swayed the minds of townspeople and weak minded politicians.

The political plan Yaris had was to use all money that had ever gone to any other race and spread it out among humans. Slavery would be forced upon those who did not have a chance to flee from Ollo. The colonies that did not support this were taken captive and taken into the Vivefeld dungeons. Magic users and Feir bloods were killed outright because they were believed to be too powerful for jail cells.

When Yaris’ army finally stood at the gates of the city of Kenwald, King Roht had no choice but to surrender, lest he and his army be destroyed or turned by Yaris.

As soon as he was king, Yaris changed the capital of Ollo from Kenwald to Vivefeld, his birthplace. He appointed his son, Julius, a captain of a squad of men.

Ollo became a place of great prosperity because slavery did not cost any money and the vast wealth of all races made the kingdom’s treasury overflow. The only problems that faced the country were the uprisings other races: slaves, an army of Dwarves, Elves, Eladrin, Halflings, and Half-Elves amassing North East of Ollo, and Orcs, banded together with lizards, goblins, and other foul creatures, from a land far west of Ollo.

King Jaris

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