It is a great time of change in the land of Ollo, Kingdom of Man. King Roht, a fair king to all races, has lost the War of Ollo to the Duke of Vivivfeld, Jaris Oldenhammer. With this new king, laws have become unfair and have the race of man in their favour. Slavery of other races has become legal and all estates belonging to those other races have become property of the kingdom. Feir bloods, one with more magical potential than all others, have been hunted down and killed or taken prisoner, as they pose the greatest threat to King Jaris.

As a celebration of the victory, King Jaris has put on a country-wide gladiatorial tournament in the former capital of Ollo, Kenwald. Slaves and prisoners are set to battle against gladiators and each other for their freedom. Free people who have entered the tournament have the chance to win a purse of a hundred thousand gold pieces.

But bloody arena matches are only a distraction for the people of Ollo. There is a threat looming from Aleve, the island to the West of Ollo. An army of all the races driven out of Ollo; Elves, Dwarves, Halfings, Half-Elves, Gnomes, and Goliaths have banded together to face the bigger foe, Man. Humans sympathetic to their cause have also left Ollo to join the army. Feir bloods that were not captured, although numbered in the dozens, have also fled to Aleve.

Snatched up from your respective villages, towns and cities, and brought to Kenwald, you have served in the arena for the past year as a crew to clean and feed the participants. Now your pitmaster, Daveth, has summoned you to participate.

Son of the Father